Forbes and Fifth

Volume 11, Fall 2017

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A Night in Firenze

By Xu Zhimo, Translated by Qi'ang Meng

Love is never easy to translate. My sense of writing about love starts from reading the poems of Xu Zhimo, who is regarded as a crucial figure in reshaping the form of modern Chinese poetry. Read More

A Universal Display

By Monica Merante

Like the derived word museum from the ancient Greek ‘museion,’ the creation of museums originates from antiquity. In the Greco-Roman world, museums were frequented by the intelligentsia. Read More

Warmer Waters

By Emily Lundy

Driving through the upper half of Maine was miserable. In an instant, you could tell that the northern portion of the state was being sucked dry by the flashy, colorful quality of Southern Maine by places like Portland and Kennebunk. Read More

How a Pennsylvania Coal Mining Film Shook the Nation

By Amanda Seim

While few may be familiar with the Warner Brothers film, Black Fury, its release in 1935 sparked a national debate over controversial issues that affected millions of American workers. Read More

Murdering Mosquitoes with Environmental Justice

By Madoc Smith

Dengue fever is a vector-borne disease, meaning that it transmits via contact with an infected organism—in this case, an infected mosquito. The spread of an infectious disease is traditionally addressed with direct intervention. Read More


By Luke Pomrenke

He is small, and he has never been particularly brave. The mess of tangled hair on his head is streaked with dirt and dripping with sweat. In his chest, a hot coal burns, contracting and expanding with every breath while his pulse thumps through thin veins. Read More

The Water is Fine

By Craig Martin

The faucet shuddered as Maryanne turned the knob further. Rather than the customary flush of water, nothing happened. Spinning the knobs back and forth, tapping on the faucet, she tried to coax out something, anything from the reluctant spigot. Read More

Visiting You

By Victoria Kline

A Haiku in loving memory of Airman Shannon. Read More